We Had a Little Party for Bill

Not only was there the luncheon on Sunday but Judy and Michele worked tirelessly for the mob who descended on their home while the some of the boys partied way harder than they should have 🙂

As promised here are just a few of the images from Bill’s 90th Birthday.

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Bill’s 90th Birthday

It’s Been a Long Time Billy

The 20th July 2011 is 90 years since Bill’s birth in 1921. Here is a few minutes to show just some of the things that Bill has been up to in that time, in his own words.

Then there was the luncheon at the Biloela RSL

On 24 July we all got together to wish Bill the best for his 90th birthday. A few images will follow

A Little Bit of Bill

So you want to know what Bill’s like…?

I could talk all day about who Bill Kath is and what it’s like to hang out with him but why don’t we just let him show us a little of his world. In his words, humor and laconic style…

I videoed this during my stay with Judy and Bill during February 2010 when I was recording the audio of his life story that is also found on this site. I thought it was important to capture some of his essence and passion for the things that he talks about in the audio.

If you want to see a bit more of the old machinery that Bill loves so much check out the details of the Callide Dawson Machinery Preservation Society

Completed, at Least for Now.

It’s nearly two months since I decided to travel to Biloela and sit down with Bill to record his life. When I first came back after being away for the better part of a week I had to find the time to bash all the audio together, to get it into shape so that it would be the best possible content to listen to.

It’s quite a process that I had no idea about when I started with Your Story, back in ’07 but at least now I have some idea of what I’m doing.

Bill in his Moke

I haven’t messed around much with the audio, just removed a lot of long pauses as well as a lot of ums and arrgs that end up in any thoughtful conversation. Quite a few times Bill and I came back to the recorder to hear more of his life and he would tell a story of some other time to where we left off, about an earlier era or jump ahead to something more recent. For this reason I cut the audio and where these were major subjects I placed them back into the rough chronological order that the audio most suited. However many times Bill would just pop back to tell a yarn about a previous time while we were talking about a subject and in those cases I simply let it slide as to move it around would have broken with the conversation that we were having. After all, I hope you, the listener find these conversations interesting as though you are simple listening in, so I didn’t want to break with the flow much with too many edits. Continue Reading »

125 Year Family Celebration

Bill’s Grandfather, Herman was one of the original siblings of Eduard and Antonia to migrate to Australia.

The 27 April 2009 was the 125 anniversary of Eduard(57) and Antonia (51) Kath migrating in 1884 from Swidwin in what is now

Grave of Antonia & Plaque for Eduard

Poland to Australia with their four children Herman(22) Wilhelm(18) Heinrich(14) Auguste(11). After initially arriving in North Queensland they settled at rural Glenco in South East Queensland just west of Toowoomba.

At the time they were among the founding congregation of the local Lutherian church and  on the 2 May 2009, 125 years since their migration to Australia, Bill’s  family, the descendants of Eduard and Antonia gathered to celebrate on those same church grounds, our family history.

125 Year Celebrations

The previous year at the annual family picnic that Bill’s family have been having at Somerset Dam since 1964 it was announced that 2009 would be the 125 anniversary of the migration and asked if we should have a celebration. To a resounding Yes! Judy and Robyn set about over the following year preparing, contacting and communicating to all the family that the celebrations were on. As you can see from the video we had an outstanding time with family picking over the information and photos of our heritage. Continue Reading »

My Uncle – Bill Kath

I’ve been producing an online chat show for some time now as a podcast called Your Story and I have for a long time wanted to talk to Bill about his life.

This is the start of an experiment and a chance for me to build a web presence for my uncle, my father’s brother, the second oldest and at the time of writing the oldest surviving son of Fred and Helen Kath.

I’ll be shortly sitting down with Bill to record his story. I’m wanting to record audio of his memories, copy some images and maybe even record some video of his current life for others to see. I’ll be placing this content here for my family to share and if Bill is agreeable it will also be available for all to see.

I hope you  enjoy.

Ian Kath

Kurt, Bill,Michele and Kietta-Raye

Kurt, Bill,Michele and Kietta-Raye

Brothers - Lyle, Noel and Bill