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Completed, at Least for Now.

It’s nearly two months since I decided to travel to Biloela and sit down with Bill to record his life. When I first came back after being away for the better part of a week I had to find the time to bash all the audio together, to get it into shape so that it would be the best possible content to listen to.

It’s quite a process that I had no idea about when I started with Your Story, back in ’07 but at least now I have some idea of what I’m doing.

Bill in his Moke

I haven’t messed around much with the audio, just removed a lot of long pauses as well as a lot of ums and arrgs that end up in any thoughtful conversation. Quite a few times Bill and I came back to the recorder to hear more of his life and he would tell a story of some other time to where we left off, about an earlier era or jump ahead to something more recent. For this reason I cut the audio and where these were major subjects I placed them back into the rough chronological order that the audio most suited. However many times Bill would just pop back to tell a yarn about a previous time while we were talking about a subject and in those cases I simply let it slide as to move it around would have broken with the conversation that we were having. After all, I hope you, the listener find these conversations interesting as though you are simple listening in, so I didn’t want to break with the flow much with too many edits. (more…)

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